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Stately Steps was founded in January of 2013, fueled by the passion of a few friends for dancing. We strive to teach the beautiful dances of the past to the next generation and also set a new standard of quality in our dancing resources for the ever-growing historical and folk dancing community.
Our current project is to create instructional dance DVDs that will teach some of the most elegant dances of the past in a detailed, professional, historical, and easy-to-understand format. If you’d be interested in participating in this project or getting updates please sign up for our email newsletter or contact us!

Andrew Wong

 Andrew Wong

Business & Production Manager

Andrew has been involved in video editing for 6 years and has been producing dancing videos since 2011.  He manages the day-to-day oparations of Stately Steps, but is also managing current projects and making sure that we are meeting our deadlines.  Andrew also does all of our video editing, graphic design and web design.



Melanie Thomas

Dance Master

Researches our dances, organizes and trains our dancers and also studies the historical background of our dances.  Melanie also makes fantastic historical costumes!