The Jones family is hosting a Harvest Dance on October 12th in Belleville, IL. For your convenience, below is the list of dances Jeremy Suermann will be calling on Saturday.  I’ve tried to find the best videos available for each dance – pulled from other folks in the English Country Dancing community.  I look forward to seeing everyone Saturday night!  -Andrew Wong

(Videos and instructions below)

  Note: Many dances have variations and callers may differ in the way they call.  However, the videos and instructions below will still help you become familiar with Saturday’s dances.

1. Flowers of Edinburgh

Flowers of Edinburgh

1- 8 1L followed by partner casts below 3s, 1L crosses and dances up behind Men as 1M dances up centre to 1st places on opposite side and 1s set

9-16 1M followed by partner repeat above Fig and set in own places

17-24 1s lead down the middle and back

25-32 1s+2s dance Poussette.

2. The Ragg

The Ragg – Old Dominion Dance

Longways. Tune from “Simple Pleasures” by Bare Necessities.

1st couple cross (with partner by R shoulder) and go below (casting to 2nd) and turn two hands once and a half to end proper

2nd couple the same

Star Right and Star Left back

Set twice

Starting with partner three changes of a circular hey


3. Irish Washerwoman

4. Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities
3 couple circle by Pat Shaw
A1 1-4 W R hands across once round
5-8 M L hands across once round
A2 1-6 3 changes of grand chain (1/2 round, 2 waltz stps per chnge)
7-8 Taking L hands, M twirl prtnr c.w. under joined hands, finish in
ballroom hold
B1 1-2 with prtnr, 2 chasse steps to center
3-4 all face out (W R hand in M’s L) all balance away from &
toward prtn
5-6 In ballroom hold, take 2 chasse steps away from center
7-8 Facing center (W L H in M’s R) all balance away from & toward prtnr,
finish taking hands six
C 1-4 Circle L half way (to orig pl)
5-8 All face prtnr & gypsy (R shldr) continue on past own place &
pass orig crnr R shldr & turn R into new place with new prtnr (Note:
W turn R to take R H for next round of dance)

5. Juice of Barley

Also known as “Downriver to the Sea”

Juice of Barley

Back-to-Back your partner

Turn Two Hands your partner

Men cross and cast through the ladies, all clap and circle L

Women cross and cast through the men, all clap and circle L

6. Auretti’s Dutch Skipper

Auretti’s Dutch Skipper – Old Dominion Dance
1st cpl lead down and cast up. TTH

2nd cpl lead up, cast down. TTH.

1st corners TTH

2nd corners TTH

Set twice.

Three changes rights and lefts.

7. Ships Cook

8. Christina

Christina – Old Dominion Dance
Longways, 2nd Cpl IMPROPER. Tune from “Simple Pleasures.”

Set forward and turn single back to place

Partners TRH

Neighbors TLH

Set to your neighbor and turn single

Circle L halfway and fall back

Two Rights and Lefts(start with partner)

Partners pousette(men pushing) to progress

1st cpl lead up and cast back to second.

9. Barbarini’s Tambourine

Barbarini’s Tambourine
1st corners half figure eight casting around neighbors to end in eachother’s place
2nd corners the same
Take hands in a line, fall back-fwd and switch places with partner
Back to back neighbor
Back to back partner
Four changes R&L
Two-hand turn partner

10. Red House

Red House
1- 8 1s set and cast 1 place, set and cast back to original places
9-16 1M (followed by partner) casts 1 place, dances up between 2s and casts down behind 2L, crosses over and both end in 2nd place own side
17-24 1L (followed by partner) casts up to top, dances down between 2s and casts up behind 2M and crosses over and both end in original places
25-32 1s reel with 2M on Men’s side (1M and 2M pass LSh and 1L dances to 2nd pl on Men’s side to pass partner RSh (1L ends in own pl and 1M in 2nd pl)
33-40 1s reel with 2L on Ladies side (1L and 2L pass RSh and 1M dances to 2nd pl on Ladies side to pass partner LSh (1s end in 2nd place own side)

11. Comical Fellow

Comical Fellow – Old Dominion Dance
A1 1st Corners set forward, fall back and turn two hands
A2 2nd corners the same
B1 1-8 1st Cpl lead down middle, dance back and cast to second
9-12 all clap 4 times and turn two hands (partner) half way
B2 1-8 Circle Left, Circle R
9-12 all clap 5 times and turn two hands (partner) halfway

12. Gotham Jubilee

13. Yellow Stockings

Yellow Stockings
Longways Duple. Bare Nessecities CD “Simple Pleasures.”
1st corners Turn Two Hands twice.
2nd corners TTH twice.
1st Cpl, slip down the center and back, and cast to second.
Rights and Lefts: Four changes.

14. Duke of Kents Waltz

Duke of Kent’s Waltz
A1 1-8 All right hands-across and left hands back.
A2 1-8 1st couple take two hands and move two waltz side-steps
down center, two back, and cast down to second place,
2nd couple leading up.
B 1-4 All take right hands with partner and balance forward, back,
and change places, men turning partners under their arms
{down the set}.
5-8 Repeat movement giving left hands.
9-12 Men turn women below their partners by right-hand.

15. The Hole in the Wall

The Hole in the Wall
1- 4 First couple casts off around twos, leads up the middle back to place.
5- 8 Second couple casts up around ones, leads down the middle to place.
9-10 First man and second woman change places,
11-12 second man and first woman change places,
13-14 All hands halfway round.
15-16 Ones cast down while twos lead up the center to progress.