Watching dancing videos online are a great way to learn new dances – and can be entertaining in their own right.  You may even learn some new variations or flourishes to add at your next event.

Over the years, I’ve filmed and uploaded close to 90 dance videos on the web.  People seemed to really enjoy them and find them helpful, and these videos laid the seed of what was to become Stately Steps.

Honorable Mention

GallantFilms – YouTube Channel

This was where I used to post my dancing videos.

3. Childgrove Dance Archive – Visit

The Childgrove dance group created a great archive of dancing videos.  There are a good mix of dances – and even some new dances created by Bob Green and others.   Also, the instructions for each dance are alongside the video.




2. Old Dominion Dance – Visit

The Old Dominion Dance group in Nebraska, has recorded some of the clearest dancing videos that you’ll find on the web.  There are no outside distractions and the music is even synced over the audio.  The Dance Instructions and videos are easily accessible from their sidebar.



1. Lambertville County Dancers – Visit

David Tilove has done an incredible job of compiling dancing videos from all over the web.  The latest update says that it features “2,000 videos of roughly 690 dances, uploaded by 454 contributors.  Videos are from 32 countries and 35 U.S. states.   The details behind the video are also posted such as location and date, the dance caller and musicians and the origin of the dance.  Use Ctrl + F to quickly search through the videos.


Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to upload your dancing videos and those who have compiled them!